A place for all disrupters in CEE

What we do

We level the playing field for disruptors.

At DisruptiveHUB, our universe revolves around the disruptors, those passionate people, who are committed to bring their deeptech idea from the lab to the market.

We are a proud member of the PowerHUB group and partner of EIT Urban Mobility.

How we do it?


We work with disruptive technologies by implementing technology transfer, pilots in cities, research and development


We accelerate technology start- ups


We are active in: Energy, Mobility, Smart City, ICT, Life Sciences, Climate

Our projects

Disruption: The integration of efficient courier services and streamlined logistics, maximizing resource utilization and improving the overall delivery experience in urban areas.
Disruption: The comprehensive digital platform that revolutionizes electric vehicle charging management for various clients, optimizing costs and promoting clean energy use.
Disruption: The integration of entrepreneurial education in technology-based university curricula, coupled with a deeptech start-up support program and the creation of a deep tech ecosystem assessment tool to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans.

Our partners

From experience we know that innovation is a lengthy process, this is why all disruptors need trusted partners.

We are proud that our project and partner base grows each day. Together we are stronger. No one can disrupt alone.

What do our partners say about us?

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