Disruption: The comprehensive digital platform that revolutionizes electric vehicle charging management for various clients, optimizing costs and promoting clean energy use.

The PowerManagement Project deals with innovation and commercialisation of a digital platform that helps users to manage efficient charging of electric vehicles in public, corporate or residential garages. Fleet managers, facility operators and other clients can adjust their charging strategies so as to optimise costs and increase their use of clean energy.

PowerManagement deals with the current bottlenecks and provides car park and garage owners using electric vehicle chargers with a comprehensive solution which allows them to manage available electric power efficiently and cut the costs of the distribution network and wiring.


  • Preparation of PowerManagement platform – dashboard for power management and mobile app for end users for easy charging
  • Pilot testing in cities: Halle, Prague, Říčany, Izmir
  • Commercialization across Europe


  • PowerHUB
  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • CTAG – Automotive Technology Center of Galicia
  • City of Prague
  • Tractabel Engineering
  • Municipality of Říčany
  • Bia
  • Meter Solutions
  • Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
  • DisruptiveHUB



Sponsor: EIT Urban Mobility