Disruption: The integration of efficient courier services and streamlined logistics, maximizing resource utilization and improving the overall delivery experience in urban areas.

LogiCYCLE project focuses on the establishment of delivery ecosystems in city centers and low emissions city zones. It encompasses various aspects, including first mile and last mile delivery, as well as reverse logistics for commercial product returns. With the increase in both delivered and returned goods, optimizing the entire logistics ecosystem becomes essential for efficiency.

To address this, the LogiCYCLE project aims to adapt the logistics ecosystem to maximize the utilization of courier services and trips to urban centers. This involves streamlining the importation of packages and coordinating return pickups on the same trip, thereby making the most efficient use of resources. By integrating these processes, the project seeks to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of courier services in urban areas.

The project aims to facilitate effective drop-off and pick-up delivery methods (in new fulfilment module for HoReCa sector), making the process convenient for both businesses and consumers. This enhances the overall user experience, streamlining delivery processes and minimizing disruptions.


  • Preparation of Vonzu platform – reverse logistic platform, HoReCa platform
  • Pilot testing in cities: Prague, Madrid
  • Commercialization across Europe


  • City of Prague
  • PowerHUB
  • VUB
  • Madrid City Council
  • Sacyr Green Sl.
  • Vonzu
  • DroidDrive GmbH
  • DisruptiveHUB s.r.o.



Achievements: Vonzu delivery SW platform

Sponsor: EIT Urban Mobility